Food Stories

Right next to the Dronning Loises Bro (a bridge in central Copenhagen that always has flocks of beer-wielding people sunning themselves) I bumped into an inspiring research project.  Copenhagen students had locals pick out a food item that they like and write a story about why they picked it. They set up shelves with all the food and stories right next to the bridge and offered any passersby an item if they wrote a story in response about why they picked it. I picked Cecilie's Danish bread - she works a lot and sometimes has this bread for dinner when she gets home late. Sandwiches are my main staple while I'm on the road, so I wrote her back my story and had her bread for dinner. She will keep my story and I get to keep hers. What a beautiful way to connect with a place and its people - international storytelling at it's best.

Food Stories Album